Distribution Conditions

   ButtonMenu is freely distributable providing none of the distributed
   files are changed in any way,  ButtonMenu is not sold for profit and
   it is not included on any disks that are sold solely for profit.  If
   ButtonMenu is to be sold for profit, permission must be obtained from
   me, the author (Oliver Roberts).  This includes magazine coverdisks -
   let me know if you wish to use ButtonMenu menus on the disks or
   include the ButtonMenu Creator (Amiga Computing take note, especially).

   For following files MUST be distributed together if the Creator is to
   be included:

   ButtonMenu               (ButtonMenu Creator)
   ButtonMenu.guide         (Document in AmigaGuideŽ format
   BMX                      (ButtonMenu Executor)
   Install_ButtonMenu       (Commodore Installer script)
   reqtools.library         (KS2.0 V38 - Needed for Creator only)

   If you just want to distribute your created menu then you can
   distribute the BMX program without the files above, if desired.

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