Program History

V1.23 - 13 January 1995

Bug Fixes: The "Position" keyboard shortcut in the Creator now works
           correctly - a couple of other shortcuts also fixed.

           Possible bug in the Executor fixed.
V1.22 - 10 January 1995

Replaced "Centre Window" switch with a choice of Top Left, Centre or
Mouse relative.

The "Test" item on the Project menu has been improved - there is now no
need to save before you test, as a temporary file will automatically be
written to RAM:, and is deleted after use.

The BMX executable can now be made resident.

More minor source code optimization.
V1.21 - 17 November 1994

Optimized the source code further.

Added better memory (lack of) checking.

Documenation is now in AmigaGuide format, only.

Added an AmigaDOS "Version" string.

Provided an "Installer" script.

Bug Fix: Some of the keyboard shortcuts in the Creator didn't work.

         Some other minors bugs fixed.
V1.20 - 31 August 1994

ButtonMenu nows uses functions available in KS 2.0 (or higher) instead of the
equivalent ANSI C functions.  The has resulted in a drastic decrease in
executable size for the BMX executor (about a 50% reduction).

Added a "Test" option to the project menu in the creator which uses BMX to run
the menu.

Added Workbench support to BMX which allows ButtonMenus to be loaded via an
icon.  It then made sense to add a settings menu with a Save Icons option and
a configuration file saved in s: .

Changed the Adjust Height error handling slightly resulting in less annoying
requesters (also corrected a spelling mistake in the error message).

Added a zoom gadget to the menu windows that are created.

Added an option to centre the ButtonMenu when it is opened.

New option to allow ButtonMenus to act more like requesters (ie only one
choice is allowed - then the window is closed automatically).

Amigaguide documentation provided in addition to the standard text doc.

Bug Fix: Removed a bug which caused gadgets in the window to be
         refreshed more than once - resulting in flickering.
V1.10 - 15 August 1994 (BETA version - not publically released)

Added a keyboard shortcut facility - datafiles changed accordingly, but old
ones are still supported.

Added an option to display docs as a secondary action.

New-look menus when ButtonMenu is run on KS 3.0 or higher.

Bug fixes: I discovered a bug concerning the 4 buttons underneath the
           item listview gadget.  Now, the buttons are checked in addition
           to being disabled when appropriate.

           A possible bug in the Executor message handler - fixed.

           Not all the text strings were freed properly which sometimes
           gave memory failures (ie Memory Insane) - fixed this.
V1.00 - 28 July 1994

First release.

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