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Version: 1.2 Released: 28 October 2021
-Download: PicDTBench.lha (26K)
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Tool for benchmarking picture.datatype image loading
(for 68K, OS4 and MorphOS)

This tool allows you to measure the time taken to load any images via picture.datatype in V43 mode. It measures the time taken for picture.datatype to provide a bitmap to an application (technically speaking, that means timing how long NewDTObject() and DTM_PROCLAYOUT take to complete). It can run a number of iterations, showing averages, with a few different output formats and some other options to control exactly what is measured. Warp Datatypes

It is inspired by an image viewer program called Visage. During the development of the Warp Datatypes, I always used to use Visage, which could optionally show the amount of time it took to load an image via the AmigaOS datatypes system. This is a useful tool for basic benchmarking of image load times via datatypes.

This worked well on OS3 and MorphOS, but seemed to be unstable and inaccurate on OS4. I had already created a basic tool in 2002 to test various operations of loading images via datatypes and I soon added time measurement. It was not really in a suitable state for public release until I cleaned it up in 2021 and added extra features, as I thought it could be useful to other users too. It mimics the behaviour of Visage, whilst adding some useful extra features.

Changes since 1.1:
  • Now shows picture.datatype version information.
  • Tweaked compiler options for OS3.

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  • AmigaOS 3.0 or MorphOS 1.0 or higher
  • picture.datatype V43 or higher
Native versions of PicDTBench supplied for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS.

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