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Version: 1.1 Released: 31 March 2004
-Download: SplitMultiImage.lha (12K)
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Extract images from image files containing multiple images, using the datatypes system

Starting with AmigaOS 3.5, the picture.datatype documentation defined two new tags (PDTA_GetNumPictures and PDTA_WhichPicture), which allowed subclasses to return different images from the same file, where relevant. For example, TIFF image files often contain more than one image, and WarpTIFF.datatype is able to decode any of those images on request, returning any of the images to the application. Warp Datatypes

Unfortunately, not many applications have made use of this feature (at the time of writing, PicShow is the only one I'm aware of) and can therefore read only the first image in a file. After requests from WarpTIFF users wanting to know of software capable of reading all the pages in multi-page TIFF fax files, I decided to write SplitMultiImage. Although not as nice as Multiview having this capability built-in, SplitMultiImage at least allows all the images to be viewed by extracting all the images from a file and saving them separately as IFF-ILBM files.

SplitMultiImage is not restricted to TIFF files - in theory, it will work with any datatypes supporting the new tags and for image formats that can contain multiple images.

Changes since 1.0:
  • Fixed bug which caused SplitMultiImage to save multiple copies of the same image for files containing only one image, when the datatype does not support PDTA_GetNumPictures.

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  • Workbench 3.0 or higher
  • 68020 processor or better
  • Suitable datatypes capable of decoding files containing multiple images

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