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My ARexx Scripts

I'm pretty familiar with ARexx coding now, although I'd hardly call myself an expert ;-) I've made a few scripts for use with various applications. Here are the ones which other people might find handy:


  • Majordomo_approve.thor 1.1 (1.5.97) - Arexx script for Majordomo list owners / administrators / moderators. Allows automatic handling of the most common messages that Majordomo will send you which require approval.

  • ReturnReceipt.br 1.2 (20.4.98) - Processes messages which have a "Return-Receipt-To: <address>" header line and creates an event to the sender confirming the message has been received successfully.

PPaint 7

  • F1GPPalette.pprx 1.0 (13.5.97) - a very basic script which is useful when making new backdrops for F1GP. All it does is to make sure the picture is in 32 colours, reorders the palette and puts in the default colours used by F1GP's menu system. Converted images can then be used by F1GP after converting them with F1GP-Ed. As I have said, this script is very simple, and I should really do some more work on it to give it more features and making it configurable :-)

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