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Version: 1.1 Released: 11 June 2002
-Download: SoloControl.lha (21K)
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Pace 56 Solo modem remote control utility

Pace 56 Solo SoloControl allows you to have control of your Pace 56 Solo modem, using your Amiga. It has the following features:
  • Modify the Solo's clock
  • Turn call monitoring on/off
  • Switch answerphone on/off
  • Set number of rings before answerphone answers
  • Set number of rings before the Solo automatically switches the answerphone on (should it be switched off)
  • Toggle power saving mode on/off
  • Display detailed statistics on your last modem connection
  • Display all the calls in the CallerID log
  • Erase the calls in the CallerID log
Amongst other things, this makes it easily possible to keep logs of your connection statistics, and to keep your Solo's clock in synchronisation with your Amiga's system clock.
Changes since 1.0:
  • The GETCALLS option now works when there are more than 20 calls in the log - no calls were listed in 1.0 in this case
  • "The call log is empty" message from GETCALLS is no longer shown if QUIET is specified
  • Added some error messages for when reading the call log fails


  • 68020 processor or better
  • Kickstart 2.04 or higher

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